About The Project

WE Foster Green Skills in Adult Education

Cultivating Sustainability Through Learning


Empowering Educators with Green Skills

WE project is at the forefront of integrating green skills into adult education. By enhancing the capabilities of adult educators, we equip them with innovative tools and methodologies to effectively impart knowledge on environmental awareness and sustainable development. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to transform educators into catalysts for change, enabling them to inspire and lead their learners towards a sustainable future.

Engaging Communities in Sustainable Practices

Our commitment extends to low-skilled adults and NEETs, especially those from vulnerable communities who are often sidelined in the dialogue on sustainability. WE aims to democratize green skills in adult education, fostering inclusive learning environments that encourage active citizenship and practical engagement with environmental stewardship.



Our Strategic Goals For Green Learning

Identify & Fulfill Environmental Learning Needs

We conduct thorough assessments to understand and address the specific learning needs related to environmental education among adult learners.

Develop Sustainable Pedagogical Approaches

Our innovative pedagogical strategies are tailored to enhance the delivery of green skills, ensuring that sustainability is woven into the fabric of adult learning.

Launch an Online Knowledge Hub

We provide continuous learning opportunities through a dedicated online platform, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices in green skills education.

Introduce a Gamified Learning App

To make learning both engaging and practical, we're developing a gamified app that encourages daily eco-friendly practices through interactive and immersive experiences.


Dynamic Initiatives For Sustainable Skill Development

Training Workshops

Hands-on workshops for educators to learn and practice green teaching methodologies.

Community Learning Initiatives

Programs designed to engage adult learners in sustainability projects within their communities.

Digital Resource Development

Creation of online modules and resources to support the learning and teaching of green skills.


Measuring Change: The Enduring Impact Of Green Skills On Society

WE initiatives are poised to create a ripple effect of sustainability across Europe. By focusing on green skills in adult education, we are not only raising awareness but also equipping individuals with the necessary skills to make a tangible impact on environmental issues. Our approach ensures that the benefits of green education reach beyond the classroom, leading to informed choices and actions that contribute to a healthier planet.