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Mapping Report
Mapping Methodology Report of Adult Education in Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development

Mapping Methodology served as a general outline of the methods employed in the Descriptive Mapping Report of Adult Education in Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development. The methodology WE implemented to meet the Descriptive Mapping of AE in Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development objective was a mixed methods research methodology.

Mixed methods research is a methodology for conducting research that involves collecting, analysing and integrating quantitative and qualitative data in a single study and a series of analyses. The rationale for using quantitative and qualitative methods in combination was that it provides a better understanding of research problems than using them in isolation.

Descriptive Mapping Report of Adult Education in Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development

Our comprehensive Descriptive Mapping Report is a cornerstone resource for adult educators and learners alike. It presents a detailed overview of the current landscape of adult education, with a sharp focus on sustainable development and environmental awareness. This report is a compilation of national insights, pinpointing the educational frameworks and specific needs of adult educators and learners, particularly those not in education, employment, or training (NEETs). It highlights exemplary practices and offers a wealth of knowledge on effective educational strategies and resources, all aimed at upskilling in environmental awareness.

Structure of Curriculum and Guidelines on Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development in Adult Education

The purpose of the Curriculum Structure and Guidelines was to provide a curriculum structure for a WE learning module and guidelines for development of WE learning modules based on the findings of the Descriptive Mapping report. In order to ensure consistency of data, as standardisation improves efficiency by providing a structured framework for decision making, all 10 units under the curriculum were developed based on the Structure of Curriculum and Guidelines.

WE Curriculum on Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development in Adult Education

The WE Curriculum is an innovative educational structure crafted to fulfill the pressing demand for resources that bolster the proficiency of adult education trainers. It emphasizes the upskilling of low-skilled adults in environmental awareness, equipping them with green skills that are valuable both in the workplace and in personal life. The curriculum encompasses 10 comprehensive modules, each designed to foster sustainable living and empower communities to care for their environment sustainably. These modules are backed by Open Badges and the ESCO classification, ensuring their recognition and validity.

Knowledge Hub
Digital Knowledge Hub is a pioneering e-learning space

Our Digital Knowledge Hub is a pioneering e-learning space that integrates gamification and interactive modules on key topics such as Sustainable Development, Environmental Awareness, and Climate Change. This platform is dedicated to enhancing the green skills of adult education trainers and low-skilled adults. Upon completing the modules, learners are acknowledged with Open Badges in line with the ESCO framework. The Hub's mission is to elevate environmental consciousness and promote sustainable practices, while also introducing cutting-edge teaching methodologies through its inclusive digital environment.

Mobile App
The WE Gamified Mobile App

The WE Gamified App is an engaging mobile application that blends gaming with ecological education. Users engage with games that are not only fun but also informative, instilling eco-friendly habits and an environmentally mindful attitude. The app serves as a portal to a wealth of environmental knowledge, skills, and competencies, and keeps users updated on local environmental initiatives, spurring on community involvement and active participation in sustainability efforts.

Each of these results contributes to our overarching goal of upskilling in environmental awareness, ensuring that adult learners and educators are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for fostering a more sustainable future.

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